Wager Docs
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What are the fees for using the bot?
  • Games incur a 2% fee, deducted from total winnings
  • Zero deposit or withdrawal fees (apart from gas fees)
What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal?
The minimum is $15 per withdrawal and deposit due to Ethereum gas fees
Is there a minimum and maximum wager?
There is a $1 minimum and a $2000 maximum wager per game
Why has my deposit not been registered?
Please wait at least 5 minutes before refreshing. If after 10 minutes it has not registered, please open a ticket and our support staff will address the issue.
Are my funds safe?
Your funds are custodied by a third-party custody service, reducing the risk but not eliminating it. There is no need to connect a wallet or provide private keys, which can aid in reducing risk also.