Wager Docs
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Get Started

Welcome to Wager, follow the steps to start playing!

DM the official bot to start setup

1. Initialize the bot

Press 'Start'

2. Deposit Funds

Press 'Recharge'
Use the command '/Recharge ($desired deposit amount)
Copy the generated address and send the exact ETH
Wait 5 minutes, press 'refresh'
Once this message appears, you are ready to play!

3. Challenge friends

/ Tag @WagerEthBot in a dirrect message or a groupchat
  • Select your game of choice
  • Press 'play game'
Change the number on the right to decide wager amount
  • press 'Inline game for (dollar amount)

4. Accept a challenge

Press 'Join Game'
  • Play the game, may the best player win!

5. Withdraw winnings